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Exploring the Creative Possibilities of Argentium® Sterling Silver

From February to July 2005, Kristina was a Researcher in Residence in the Department of Applied Arts at Middlesex University where she started the Argentium© Project. During the residency, Kristina carried out an exploration of the material's qualities and behaviour within practical application. The aim was to make recommendations to practitioners for its use in creative practice. Her research sought to complement the technical research for the development of the alloy by the University's research team (Johns & Harrison). The two phases of the residency are described below.

Phase 1:

During Phase 1, Kristina worked on the development of a collection of jewellery with strongly three-dimensional character, which is both voluminous and dynamic as well as lightweight through its lamella-construction. The designs explore the advanced hardness and elasticity of Argentium in thin, hard-rolled sheet-material in conjunction with new technologies such as CNC-cutting and laser welding. The work led to the conjecture that the combined use of Argentium© with these technologies could open new avenues for jewellery design and production through the use of elasticity.

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Phase 2:

During Phase 2, Kristina designed two silverware projects to test the performance of Argentium® on larger scale objects. Design 1 was developed to explore the use of Argentium® with traditional silversmithing techniques. Design 2 was conceived to explore the use of Argentium with laser welding (Niedderer, Harrison and Johns 2006).

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Relevant Publications

Niedderer, K., Harrison, C. & Johns, P. (2006). Exploring the Creative Possibilities of Argentium® Sterling Silver. International Design Research Society Conference WonderGround, Lisbon, Portugal: IADE. 2006. pdf


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