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Knowledge and Research

Following her PhD in 2004, Kristina has developed a strong interest in the quality and rigour in research in art and design, and in the standards of postgraduate research training and supervision in particular with regard to the relationship of theory and practice within research, on which she has lectured and published internationally.

The Experiential Knowledge Project & Conferences

From 2005 to 2007, Kristina was leading the Experiential Knowledge Project as a Research Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. The project was concerned with the nature and role of knowledge, and in particular experiential knowledge in research to develop rigorous methodologies and models of research for art and design. Kristina initiated the Experiential Knowledge Conferences, organising the first conference in collaboration with London Metropolitan University in 2007 under the theme of "New Knowledge in the Creative Disciplines".

Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG)

A Council Member of the DRS and Secretary for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) from 2007-2019, Kristina was pivotal in establishing the DRS SIGs, which promote international exchange and collaboration in areas of design research. She initiated EKSIG as the first DRS SIG and established the biennial EKSIG conferences which continue until today. EKSIG is concerned with understanding the nature and role of knowledge in research and professional design practice in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices of using design practice within research, both, with regard to research regulations and requirements, and to research methodology. In 2012, Kristina has passed on the role of convenor to Dr Nithikul Nimkulrath, Loughborough University, remaining a senior advisor for EKSIG.

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EKSIG Journal Special Issues

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EKSIG Conference Proceedings

Karana, E., Giaccardi, E., Nimkulrat, N., Niedderer, K. and Camere, S. (2017). Alive. Active. Adaptive. Proceedings of the International Conference on Experiential Knowledge and Emerging Materials. EKSIG and Delft University of Technology, 19-20 June 2017. ISBN: 978-87-90775-90-2 link

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